Friday, November 9, 2012

Update: November 9, 2012

One of the challenging, yet rewarding, aspects of our ministry with MMS Aviation is gathering a team of ministry partners. This group of individuals, families and churches will be a vital lifeline as we minister through missionary aviation. The value of our ministry partners goes beyond providing monetary support, but today I want to give an update on our progress toward our financial goal.

In order to begin serving with MMS Aviation, we must reach 100% of our monthly financial quota. I am happy to report that we have reached 13% of our goal. There are also a number of families who have expressed their desire to support our ministry but have not yet settled on the details. While 13% might not sound like a lot, it's exciting for us to experience God's provision, and it encourages us to continue sharing the vision He's placed in our hearts.

Once again, we thank God for those who have chosen to partner with us through prayer and financial support, and all who have been an encouragement to us as our family follows this new path. We continue to trust that God will meet every need as we faithfully share our vision for the ministry He has called us to. That's not always easy, and we are sure to face times of discouragement. We appreciate your prayers as we weather the difficult times, strive to keep our focus on Christ, and remind ourselves of His past—and future—faithfulness.

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