Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Betty Greene Missionary Aviation Scholarship

Earlier this month, I was blessed to be selected as a recipient of the Betty Greene Missionary Aviation Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is: to encourage aspiring missionary aviators (pilot/mechanics or maintenance specialists) in their journey; to provide a financial blessing; and to make others more aware of the various missionary aviation organizations, Betty Greene, and the role of missionary aviation. Betty Greene was an accomplished pilot, and Missionary Aviation Fellowship's first pilot. You can read more about Betty Greene here.

I was surprised, humbled, and encouraged to be a recipient of this scholarship. A number of representatives from several mission organizations came to the MAG headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina to present a check and some small gifts, and to encourage and pray for our family. This was a huge blessing and encouragement to us! The photo below shows the group that gathered for the presentation. The organizations represented included JAARS, Missionary Air Group, MMS Aviation, Mission Aviation Fellowship, and New Tribes.

Our journey into the world of missionary aviation has taken various twists and turns, and we can't know for sure where the path will take us. But one thing is certain: the Lord has been faithful through the entire process, and He continues to bring people into our path to bless and encourage us. He's also provided all the resources we need to keep moving forward. We're thankful first to Him, but also to everyone who has supported us as we serve through missionary aviation!