Friday, February 10, 2017

Photos of the Week

It's Friday afternoon, and I thought I'd post a few photos from this past week. My work at the hangar has been a mix of flying (brushing up on maneuvers, navigation, etc), ground school (studying toward my instrument rating), and helping to organize the shop toolbox. The latter is not a glamorous job, but is one of those necessary mundane tasks that will reap benefits in the future. MAG purchased a rolling tool cabinet with lots of good tools, but they need to be sorted and organized so they can be used effectively by MAG mechanics and those who come to volunteer their time to help in the hangar.

Now, as promised, here are some photos!

It's been a beautiful week to fly! This photo was taken at Blue Ridge airport in Virginia, where I landed as part of a cross-country flight.

On the same trip I landed in South Boston, Virginia where I got out to stretch my legs and chat with a gentleman at the FBO.

My primary trainer (N381MG) sitting on the ramp in Burlington. I'll be spending many more hours in this airplane!
This airplane at Blue Ridge reminded me of being a kid! My dad had an airplane like it in his office. It's a music box that's wound by turning the propeller. This could have been a nice photo if I would have thought to turn the coaster to face me!
Organizing tools is not the most exciting thing, but when I'm finished it will enable maintenance to take place in MAG's hangar more effectively.

In the center of the photo is Burlington Christian Academy, where the kids attend school. I flew over during Ella's break, at her request, on my way to the practice area.

Well, that's a sample of my week! I'm excited to be making progress toward my advanced flight ratings, and toward overseas mission service, as well as supporting MAG's mission through the maintenance work I perform. There is a medical brigade currently taking place in Honduras, and I hope to share more information about it in the next few weeks. Even though I'm not personally on the field yet, I'm glad that I can help support MAG's field programs through my service at MAG.

Have a wonderful weekend!