Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1 Update

This is an exciting week! The engine I've been overhauling for The Harvest is Ripe Ministries is on the engine stand and should be making noise on Friday! There are just a few small things left to do before it is ready to run.

This overhaul has been a great opportunity for me to gain engine experience that will be valuable when I eventually serve on the field as a pilot/mechanic. Not only that, but we are providing a quality overhaul to a small ministry with a tight budget, while saving them thousands of dollars compared to commercial overhaul shops. Whenever we see a project —whether a complete airplane or an engine—leave MMS, it is a great reminder of the unique ministry of MMS Aviation, and the privilege it is for me to be a part of it.

After the engine runs and paperwork are complete, I will be moving back to the Guatemala 206 project for Missionary Air Group. This Cessna 206 is an airplane that I will hopefully fly in the next couple years as I serve and train with MAG. After being repaired, the wings recently got a fresh paint job, thanks to Josh Adelsberger. The fuselage and other components are being repaired now and will be painted next, and before long we will begin assembly of the airplane!

Here's a photo of the repaired and repainted wings. Check back for more updates over the coming months!

These are the freshly painted wings for Missionary Air Group's Cessna 206. In the background, you can see the unpainted fuselage laying on its side for inspection and repair.