Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rapid Response: Waco, Texas

The last week of October, I left Coshocton with two other men from MMS Aviation, and drove to Waco, Texas to work on a Twin Comanche owned by The Harvest is Ripe Ministries. This small ministry's focus is church planting and pastoral leadership training in various parts of the world. If the name of the ministry sounds familiar, it's because I recently finished overhauling an engine for them. In fact, the main reason for our trip to Texas was to deliver and install this engine, and to install another engine that was overhauled by a different shop. The trip lasted a total of eleven days, and during that time we worked on the engine installations and several other maintenance tasks.

It was a good trip, and I enjoyed getting to know Victor Crawford, the owner of the airplane. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we couldn't complete all the work we had hoped to accomplish, but we did get both engines and one propeller on the airplane and got a good start on several additional maintenance items. Even though the airplane was not in airworthy condition when we left, we helped move the project to the point where a local mechanic can pick up the work and hopefully get the airplane flying before too long. Please pray that God will provide the people and resources needed to finish the works so that Victor can put the airplane to use in South America.

After returning to Coshocton I put together a video to show some of the work we did, and to allow Victor the opportunity to share about his ministry. You can view it below.

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