Friday, August 21, 2015

3000 Hours!

This week I logged the 3000th hour of my apprenticeship with MMS Aviation! I now have less than a year before I meet the requirements to take my Airframe and Powerplant examinations. I appreciate your prayers and support as I continue to serve at MMS and get closer to the next phase of our ministry/training with Missionary Air Group.

As I get closer to finishing my maintenance apprenticeship and move into the flight phase, we also need to be thinking about an organization to partner with, and where we would like to serve when we complete our five years with MMS and MAG. There are a couple of organizations we are interested in, but we are very open to where God leads us. Would you pray that He would continue to direct our path and show us the place where our family will fit well, can continue to grow and thrive, and where we can use our passions and abilities in service of God's Kingdom?

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