Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Over the Hump!

I reached an exciting milestone today: I logged my 2400th hour at MMS Aviation! That means I have reached the halfway point in my apprenticeship! The FAA requires 30 months before I can take the tests for my airframe and powerplant certificate, and MMS adds the additional requirement of 4800 hours of logged experience. I've still got a lot to do between now and next summer, but I have a feeling that the time will pass quickly.

As I get closer to the end of my time at MMS, Missionary Air Group is preparing for our family to arrive in Burlington, NC next fall. Sean Donnely and the other MAG staff are finalizing the flight curriculum, upgrading their fleet, preparing to move to a new location on the airport property, and bringing on the instructors necessary to provide quality training to future missionary pilots like me. You may remember that I am the first person to be accepted into this new partnership program between MMS and MAG, and it's exciting to see the details coming together!

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