Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Month in Review

Seeing as how we haven't posted since Christmas Eve, we are overdue for an update! If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know that we moved to Coshocton at the beginning of this month and are about ready to start full time with MMS Aviation. Rather than try to catch up with a detailed post, we'll just go with a bullet list of highlights from the last month.
  • We spent most of Christmas break cleaning and packing the house in preparation for our move. We wish we could have just enjoyed our time off, but the bright side is that the kids got some extra time with their grandparents.
  • My last day at Dana was January 3. I worked with some great people there, but I'm very happy to be getting out from behind my desk and into missionary aviation!
  • With the help of many family members and friends, we got packed up and moved the first weekend of January. We were blessed tremendously by all of the people who helped us!
  • We spent a couple weeks unpacking, getting settled, and taking care of all the details involved with moving.
  • Our family took a mini-vacation so we could get some quality family time, after having been so busy packing and moving.
  • We enrolled the kids at Coshocton Christian School. It is very small—so much so that second and third grade are combined. It's been interesting having both kids in the same class despite being a grade apart!
  • The weather in Ohio has been much colder than usual, meaning lots of school delays and cancellations! 
  • We also had the kids out of school a few extra days around the time of our move. Between these and the "calamity days" (due to snow and sub-zero temperatures) I think we will remember December 2013 and January 2014 as the winter our kids didn't go to school. In fact, the kids have only had two full days of school in the past month!
  • I started studying some of the written material for my Airframe and Powerplant Certificate, and will start working in the hangar at MMS on February 10. I can't wait!
Now that we are almost settled into a routine, we'll hopefully be posting updates on a more regular basis. And starting next month I'll be able to share about the projects I'm working on in the hangar. I hope you'll enjoy getting a glimpse into our life and work with MMS!

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