Sunday, August 26, 2012

One down, one to go!

Yesterday, after several months of preparation, I passed the first of two tests required for my private pilot certificate! Now that I've passed the knowledge test, I can focus on preparing for my practical test. I've completed all of my prerequisites for the practical test, so at this point I just need to brush up on the skills I will need to demonstrate. I should be able to take this test within the next few weeks. After a successful practical test I will be a certificated private pilot!

Even though it's not necessary for me to be a pilot before beginning my apprenticeship with MMS, I wanted to ensure that I enjoyed flying and had some aptitude for it before pursuing this new path. My goal was to earn my private pilot certificate by the end of the summer so I could begin focusing more of my attention on gathering our team of ministry partners. It looks like that just may happen!

We'd appreciate your prayers as we start to shift more attention to building our ministry support team. I am still working full-time and have plenty of other responsibilities, including those of a father and husband. If we are going to see our financial support raised in a timely manner, it will only happen through God's grace.

We have seen God's hand at work in so many ways over the past several months that we are confident He will continue to provide for our every need. But we have also experienced opposition on this new journey. Please pray that God will give us wisdom and strength as we continue to pursue this calling, in spite of the challenges that we are sure to face. Thanks, and we look forward to sharing how God honors your prayers!

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